2020 Hampton Roads International Auto Show

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Buick Regal TourX
STATUS: Unchanged for 2020 - Buick's wagon might wear a Regal badge, but it has a style and function all its own. It's surprising that the made-in-Germany vehicle is even here at all, considering how few station wagons are sold in North America. Along with plenty of charcoal-colored side cladding, one of the more interesting TourX features is the extra-long distance between the front and rear wheels, resulting in limo-like rear-seat legroom. Likewise, the cargo hold is generous and folding the rear seat super-sizes that volume. Compared to the Regal Sportback hatchback (a companion to the TourX), the ride height is slightly higher in anticipation that heavier loads and possible uneven topography could be in the wagon's future. A turbocharged four-cylinder engine and an eight-speed automatic transmission propel the TourX (it's also the Sportback's base engine). All-wheel-drive is standard.
Base price (incl. destination): $30,000
Type: Large station wagon
Engine (h.p.): 2.0-liter I-4, turbocharged (250)
Transmission: Eight-speed automatic
Drivetrain: All-wheel-drive
Base mpg (city/highway/combined): 19/28/22 (est.)
Base weight (lb.): 3,420